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Tone Your Body effortlessly

Indeed, this muscle stimulator does the hard job while you're resting.
It is so handy that you can use it anywhere, anytime.
The different devices allows you to workout your legs, arms and abs at your own convenience.

20 minutes =
2 hours of work out

Save your time !

EASYSLIMM uses the only technology that is clinically tested and proven to give real results by toning and strengthening muscles. 

 97% of users in a clinical trial reported a noticeable improvement in their muscle tone after 2 weeks! 


How does
EMS work ?

EMS = electrical muscle stimulation

Electrical pulses are sent to the nerve stimulating the target muscle.

These pulses tell the muscle fibers to ‘contract’ in much the same way as if it came from the brain

EMS will give you the same end result as working out in the gym.


How to use ?

Simply apply the Gel Pads to the target muscle, then adjust to your desired intensity level and press the button to start the workout.

There is 10 levels of intensity to suits every need.


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